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The Pleasure and Pitfalls of Text Dating
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Texting is one of my favourite things to do. I’m good at it – yes, and happy to admit it. I pride myself on a quick-witted SMS and like nothing more than sparring back and forth with my witty friends that love to text too. I’m sure I’m not alone in absolutely relishing that feeling when you receive a text that is just perfect in its execution. When you totally match up in humour, tone and Outlook On Life. If that sounds a bit full-on, well so be it, but a past beau of mine, let’s call him Cartoon Boy (he was an illustrator), was the best text I ever had. He really put the effort in, you know? He was super-sharp, well up for a really good back-and-forth session (we didn’t live in the same city, so our communication was key) and just, well, perfect. In that department anyway. We broke up and, funnily enough, it was the text that was the first thing to go. I knew something was wrong – from his texts. He suddenly got patchy with his responding (whereas before his reply record was flawless), especially the lovey-dovey ones and suddenly his words weren’t sealed with the all-important X. That hurt.

Herein lies the problem. Texting has become a huge huge factor in relationships but the fact is, meaningful as it might be or seem to you, it could be completely meaningless and insignificant in others (a lot of my male friends maintain that they don’t give a text a minute’s thought before sending it – imagine that?!) .This could never be so for me, being so word obsessed. With hindsight, my belief in Cartoon Boy and mine’s complete compatibility based on text was perhaps daunting for him. He did once divulge that texting me was akin to texting a female Stephen Fry. Praise indeed, but maybe he was text-hausted!

One thing is definitely true, if all the female friends I know are anything to go by: texting matters. And it’s here to stay. It’s changed the fabric of how we do our relationship business and needs careful attention. Let’s weigh up the issues…


Alison Taylor
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