The 8 expert essentials for dating after divorce

The 8 expert essentials for dating after divorce
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The 8 expert essentials for dating after divorce

Getting back into dating after divorce can be a big step to make. Whether you’ve separated from your partner amicably or not, moving on from the person you’ve shared a marriage with can be difficult to say the least.

That said, a divorce doesn’t signal the end of your life. As cheesy as it sounds, it can be a totally new beginning and something that you should embrace as positive for you. But of course there are things that you should consider, never try to rush yourself into a new relationship too soon as it will only end up hurting you more.

Also if there are children involved there will be other issues that you’ll need to be sensitive to.

Psychotherapists The Speakmans say: “Divorce isn’t an end, it’s a beginning so be grateful for the experience you’ve acquired. You’re that tiny bit older and much, much wiser and now you’ve learned what not to do!”

So brush yourself down and get ready for the next chapter, just remember to stay positive! But we know this is obviously easier said than done so we’ve asked the experts at Bowes-Lyon Partnership and The Speakmans for their top tips for dating after divorce.

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