Dating tips: Can you ever date your friend's ex?
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Be prepared for the worst
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Be prepared for the worst

It's one thing to tell your friend about dating her ex but dealing with her reaction is a whole different ball game. In this situation, it's all about her.

Hearing that her best friend is dating her ex boyfriend is always going to be a tricky one for her to get her head around, even if she has not got feelings for him, you're going to have to be prepared to deal with some backlash. 

Jo says: "I think you have to take your friend’s lead in this, certainly to begin with. If she sounds and feels OK about it all, that’s great. But if she wants to withdraw from your friendship or break it off altogether, you’ll have to accept and respect her feelings.

It maybe that once the dust settles, and he becomes your boyfriend rather than her ex, you could approach her again. Patience and grace are what’s needed here."

It might not be that you can be happy families, but as long as you're open and honest with your friend she can't hate you for it.

Well she can, but hopefully in time she will be able to see the situation not as an attack on her, but as something that makes her friend happy. After all that is what friendship is about. 


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