Dating tips: Can you ever date your friend's ex?
Be careful
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Be careful

Dating your friend's ex might be innocent but there's plenty of opportunity for it not to be. 

Jo advises that it's best to take a long, hard look at yourself and why you like this guy before you start to do anything. A bit of tough love never hurt anyone.

"Think about your motives. Are you attracted to him because he’s drop-dead gorgeous and the feeling that he might just be ‘the one’ is simply overwhelming?" she says.

"Or could there be some hidden agenda like feeling less confident or an element of competition with your friend? Could it simply be the lure of forbidden fruit?"

If it's simply all about the thrill then we'd advise you to stay well clear. Everyone wants what they can't have but risking a true friendship over a few moments of excitement really isn't worth it.

But if the feelings that you have are real then it's time to figure out what comes next.

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