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No: not a chance


 - No: not a chance

No: not a chance

We're sorry to say it but you're still head over heels for him. 

Your phone has become your number one worst enemy. His number, Twitter and Facebook are always at your fingertips and it looks as though you will never get him out of your mind.

Plus, the thought of him with another girl makes you physically sick and news that your friends don't like him is like someone has stabbed you in the back. 

It's not a bad thing not to be over your ex - these things take time and let's face it, everyone can act like a bit of a crazy person trying to get over someone. 

But when you are stopping yourself from being happy because of a guy that shouldn't be hurting you anymore, you need to change your ways. 

Try and think about the future and what exciting things it will bring instead of getting caught up in a past which should, quite frankly, stay that way.

You'll feel a million times better for it! 



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