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Alison Taylor's big fat dating review of the year…
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So what's next?


Venturing into the unknown... Happy 2010 © STOCKBYTE / Jupiterimages
Venturing into the unknown... Happy 2010 © STOCKBYTE / Jupiterimages
So to loose ends and possible new starts?

Well, Music Man is very much on the scene. Not in the sense that I’ve actually met him in person or anything normal like that but we are in the midst of a lovely, getting-to-know you email relationship (not to the manic scale of Fantasy Boy, before you ask) and are due to meet in the new year. I am excited about him - he’s funny, clever and cute. He sends me photos, so I know this!

As for the other set-ups I told you about last month, the Policeman never amounted to anything. I think my over protective brother-in-law got wind of the fact he was rather enthusiastically pursuing the single life and warned him off.

Finally, there’s my parents’ friends son. I’ll be ‘up home’ next week so could easily drop him a line. My concerns? He seems a bit boring. There, I said it. He sent me an email you see and I nearly fell asleep. He said that in his spare time he likes to, and I quote, ‘go for bike rides or have a laugh with his friends’. 

Am I being harsh? To me that sound like the worst kind of CV? A girl’s got to have standards hasn’t she? It is a new year coming after all…


Alison Taylor
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