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Internet dating – a good or a bad thing?


So do you prefer chocolate or sex? © STOCKBYTE / Jupiterimages
Yes, internet dating happened, albeit briefly. I didn’t jump in straight away, because I’d always felt well, ashamed.

Plus those adverts for the different services are soo off-putting. Like the one promising a six month guarantee - ‘Don’t wait for cupid. If you don’t find love in six months we’ll give you your money back’. You know what that makes me want to do? Not find love just to see how that refund process works.

Anyway, I decided to take the plunge and join The One Where Your Friend Recommends You. It was funny at first, trading jokes with Lady Jane, my wing woman for this cringe-worthy journey. She'd deposit men in a cyber box for me to view with a pithy comment attached, i.e. 'Nice teeth but could be a bit too straight (not the teeth. Him.)' And: 'I like the fact he laid a patio with his dad'.

My personal favourite: 'Not a recommendation, more an observation. If he's 32 then I'm a fetus.'

So it started fun but then soon started to loose it’s appeal. Certain guys sent me ridiculous quizzes for example, about whether I prefer ‘chocolate or sex’. I kid you not.

And I found all the waiting excruciating...

I took a shine to a guy who we’ll call Music Man. Handsome, well dressed, quirky-in-a-good-way personality, interesting job (musician, hence the name), funny…I messaged him and he messaged me back Yipee! I messaged him back but then didn’t hear back. I was agonizing over what I’d said in my message, because it seemed to be going so well. If I’m honest, I didn’t give him or it long. I quit about a week later.


1.) It's akin to being back at school. You put someone in your 'favourites' folder and vice versa but I felt genuinely hurt when they didn't return the favour.

2.) You get arrogant, emails from people who you would never normally consider going out with. A particular favourite was the guy who opened with 'you seem a bit mad, by that I don't mean freaky'. Er, cheers. You seem like a moron.

3.) It really annoyed me that the majority of men on the site were looking for women younger than them. Why, I ask, if you're 30 is your cut off rate 26, for example? I raised this with one guy and he said 'I guess guys just prefer younger women but if you actually say that you just sound like a perv. It's biological fact'. He actually said ‘it's biological fact’. I felt true rage on getting that email from a 40 year-old guy who should be grateful for anyone going out with him.

4.) It makes you crazy. It indicates when someone has read your message. So if they don't reply you know they've read it and chosen, for whatever reason, not to reply.

All that said, you might remember Music Man from my last blog though. We’ve not heard the last of him…maybe this internet dating lark is not so bad after all?!


Alison Taylor
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