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Alison Taylor's big fat dating review of the year…

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© SIPA - Alison Taylor's big fat dating review of the year…
As another year comes to a close it’s time to reflect, review and wonder; what the heck happened?

I must admit, as much as I don’t subscribe to the "All By Myself" image of Bridget Jones, sobbing into her glass of chardonnay, all miserable and alone at Christmas, it does get you thinking about the gap that’s still not filled.

Nothing as desperate as wailing Celine Dion into your hairbrush, of course, just a nagging memory that last year I was thinking, surely, this time next year...

So, in the spirit of all those end of year lists, I thought I’d do my own review - a romantic review. What happened? What went wrong? What have I learned? (Well, it’s always good to be optimistic) And, crucially, what might the New Year have in store for me?


Alison Taylor
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