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Karen, 44, communications director

Karen, 44, communications director

"I was in a relationship with an older man who really loved being the sugar daddy. Then my career took off and he was made redundant. He couldn't take the blow to his male pride and left me. I lost all my self-confidence until I met Tom. He was a company trainee and even though we has only 23 I fell for him straight away: in a way I wanted to mother and protect him. He was absolutely gorgous as well! 

We've been together for 4 years now. He doesn't work with me any more because we want to avoid people making remarks and because I want to be independent. Sometimes he's a bit immature and gets on my nerves, but I remind myself he's younger and it's not his fault. Sometimes he can even be more adult than me: he told his parents about me and he really stands up to them when they say they don't want to know me. Whereas I haven't even told my parents exactly how old he is..."


Sarah Horrocks
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