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Stephen, 35, architect

Stephen, 35, architect

"I was 25 when I met Leila and she was 35. I'd been out with lots of women of my own age but I always found them a bit young and immature. When I met Leila I fell for her straight away. She was so confident and she didn't flirt like a teenager. She'd just got divorced after 10 years of marriage, but it was love at first sight. We do have lots of things in common, and she's very cultured. We even work in the same sector, and her contacts have been really useful!! 

She got to the age where she wanted to have a baby, but I felt I was too young, and that was when we started to have problems: we were at different stages of our lives and we wanted different things. Her sex drive started to slow down and I didn't find her body as attractive as I did. I ended up cheating on her with younger women to get sexual satisfaction. I decided to give it another chance and we started trying for a baby two years ago, but we're still trying...We're always rowing and blaming each other and I know we should split up but I'd feel guilty: I feel as if I've made her waste the most important years of her life and her chance of having kids, and I owe so much to her for my job. I don't know what to do."


Sarah Horrocks
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