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18 Signs You Secretly Like LIKE Your Gal Pal ;)

Stephanie Ashley
by Stephanie Ashley Published on March 20, 2014

She's fun, she's cool, she's pretty and she's your best friend. But could she be something more too? Whether you're out about your sexuality or have just started to question it (thanks to your BBF), these are the signs that your best friend appreciation goes beyond the platonic.

1. You spend more time than usual getting ready for your....dates.

There's a saying out there that girls don't dress to impress others, but dress for themselves. That's completely true, but it's also true that sometimes, we want a little attention and appreciation. If you're constantly focusing on dolling yourself up and really, really hoping your girl friend will say you look hot, it's clear your wardrobe choices have a whole other agenda.

2. You talk to her more than your family.

Okay, as 20 or 30-something women, we can all be a bit guilty of neglecting our daughterly duties. Sometimes, your friends are literally your home away from home. You spend enough time together and she accepts you wholeheartedly so no wonder she's on your favorites list for regular calls. But if she's always your go-to person to share good news, bad news, hell, any kinda news, then you could be crushing on her.

3. You like touching her arm or leg in a flirty way while talking.

Touching while chatting away is Flirting 101, and guess what: it actually works! But sometimes, when a gal pal does it, the excess touching can seem completely innocent (or the result of too much wine). If you notice yourself giving her those lingering touches more and more often, it could mean you feel something L-shaped.

4. You know her favorite food and drinks.

Well, you go to the bar together all the time, so of course you know what she drinks. But, is it getting to the point where you keep her fave brand of beer in your fridge, even though you don't ever drink it? Think about it...

5. Watching steamy scenes in movies can get awkward.

If you're even mildly attracted to someone, sometimes sex scenes in movies can be awkward. Now think about watching some hardcore sexy time on Game of Thrones with your gal pal. Things getting a bit too steamy?

6. The idea of a sleepover is way too exciting.

Girl friends sleeping in the same bed is no big deal (sometimes), but are you a bit too excited to see her in her skimpy bedroom boxers? Take a step back and breathe, girl.

7. You want to introduce her to your family (or you're scared to).

Of course you want your sister to meet your new friend...but what if she can tell you've kind of got the hots for her? If you're totally open with your family, kudos to you! If not, this situation can cause some serious anxiety.

8. Your other friends can already see it.

Are you that old married couple of your friendship group, even though nothing romantic is going on there (yet)? If all your friends can see that you two fit well together, maybe it's time to give lady love a shot.

9. You want her to be VERY interested in your love life.

It's natural to dish on your adventures in dating to your closest gal pal, but are you hoping for a bit more than innocent curiosity from her? Maybe you want her to be jealous of your romantic flings, and not in the casual friendship kind of way.

10. You're NOT interested in your love life.

On the flip side, if you're secretly crushing on your best gal pal, you probably don't want to deal with the dating scene at all, especially when she's giving you all the emotional support you need. If you find yourself blowing off interested parties to hang out with your BFF instead, it's a pretty good indication of your emotional priorities.

11. A week without seeing her is way too long.

Why, oh why did she have to take a plane ride out to see her family? You've had plans for your reunion since before she left, and sitting on a bar stool or watching Sex and the City just seems pointless without her.

12. You've got your very own spot.

Instead of actually naming a place, you just say you'll go to "the bar" or "the diner." The bartender not only knows you both by name, but is genuinely concerned when one of you comes in alone.

13. You have her schedule memorized.

You NEVER schedule anything on Thursday nights, because she doesn't have class, you don't have work, and that's when your show comes on. Oh, and no bar this Tuesday night, because she has a project due Wednesday morning...

14. You have a drawer at her place.

Having your own space in someone else's home can be a HUGE step in a romantic relationship, but in a seemingly platonic one, meh, no biggie. She just lives closer to work right? But are you staying over so often that she's doing as much of your laundry as you do?

15. You talk about your sexuality VERY often.

Sometimes sexuality can be difficult to talk about, and sometimes it just comes out organically. But in your relationship, it comes up all the time. If you REALLY like talking about how, yeah, girls aren't off your sexual radar, it may be that you're secretly hoping that open sexuality could lead to an open invitation. Fingers crossed right?!

16. You know her romantic history, to the letter.

Maybe you can't remember all the names, but all she has to say is, "Oh, that guy from sophomore year of college," and you're right on board. You've recited every bit of your romantic and sexual encounters to her, and you can count off how many boyfriends she's had, in order.

17. You're willing to give up vices for her.

Your parents and exes may have tried to get you to give up that annoying nail-biting habit or that constant cloud of smoke, but no, it takes her to make you want to clean it all up. Is there anything you wouldn't do for her?

18. You've drunkenly kissed more than a few times.

Come on, we've all done it, but you two, you may actually hold the record for drunken, "innocent" friend kisses. There does come a point when it goes from innocent to romantic. Then maybe it goes from romantic to steamy, and off you go!

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by Stephanie Ashley

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