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15 Hot New Dating Apps

by Marie-Sarah Published on November 16, 2015

If you’ve given Tinder more than a fair shake and are starting to think the whole online dating thing is never going to lead to a real relationship, don’t give up just yet.

With a whole new crop of online dating Apps having recently emerged, chances are that at least one of them will deliver better results for you. Here are 15 worth considering...

1. Grouper

Ever wanted to have your two best friends come with you on your first date? Now you can with Grouper. The concept is simple: you bring two friends and your date brings two friends, resulting in more potential matches and less pressure!

2. HowAboutWe

There’s no time wasted on this App! The idea is to simply put out an invitation or accept one. For example, you might ask: “Do you feel like grabbing dinner at Foxy in Griffintown tonight?” and then wait to see if anyone takes you up on your invitation.

3. Highthere!

If you like weed and want to meet someone who won’t roll their eyes every time you roll a joint, this App is for you! And you can bet that it will become even more popular if Trudeau makes good on his campaign promise to legalize marijuana!

4. Millionaire Match

If money is important to you, you’ll like this App, which matches people who make six figures or more. Needless to say, you have to pay to be a member!

5. Happn

One of the most talked about Apps since Tinder, Happn lets you connect with people who cross your path every day. Too shy to speak to that hunk you see on the elevator every day? Just find him on Happn!

6. Flicpiq

If you don’t like the idea of having a drink with a total stranger, then Flicpiq can save you time and trouble by allowing you to video chat with the person first.

7. Tindog

Known as “Tinder for Dogs”, this App lets you set up a play-date for your dog. And if you and the other dog owner hit it off, so much the better!

8. Pure

This App is pretty much for people who want to hook up. Users submit very little personal information other than a selfie and only get an hour to decide if they want to meet. Enough said!

9. Coffee meets bagel

With this App, you get a match every day at noon based on your Facebook preferences. The cool part is that every match has at least one friend in common with you.

10. Align

If you believe that the stars have to be aligned just right for love to come your way, then you’ll enjoy Align, which uses your astrological sign to find your perfect match.

11. Tastebuds

If you’re a music lover, Tastebuds can match you with people who share your musical tastes. Very useful if none of your friends wants to go to that concert with you!

12. Score

With Score, members answer a series of questions about love, seduction and so forth, and are matched with people based on their compatibility.

13. Once

For those who think that too much choice is too overwhelming, ONCE gives you ONE daily match chosen by professional matchmakers. The concept is similar to “Coffee meets bagel”, which I personally find more interesting.

14. Bumble

This App is much like Tinder in that you only get matched if the person you select has also selected you. Unlike Tinder, only women can start a conversation! Ha!

15. 3nder

If you’ve always fantasized about a threesome, here’s your chance! With this App, singles and couples simply create a profile to find partners with the same fantasy!

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