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Victoria's Secret Angels: Best model-off-duty fashion

From Aussie beauty Miranda Kerr to blonde bombshell Lindsay Ellington, these smolderingly-hot Victoria's Secret models know how to hold their adorb toddlers, walk their LA pups and shop till they drop in true style. These Angels show that the sidewalk is their runway.

Being surrounded by photographers, designers and fashion addicts all day makes these stylish catwalkers effortlessly fashion forward. We reckon it’s time to take some off-duty inspiration from the Angels.

No-one can be more sexy and sophisticated than a VS Angel (they’ve got men and women gagging at their feet) and that’s exactly why they’re our latest street style crush.

We’ve rounded up our fave off-duty Angels for a much needed street style edit. Here’s the most gorgeous model-off-duty ensembles EVER.

Take it in girls. Take it in.

Updated by Vivian Kelly on September 13th 2013

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