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Style advice for women with small breasts

Ursula Dewey
by Ursula Dewey Published on June 26, 2013

If you're flat-chested or small busted there's no need to feel self-conscious. With these styling tips from personal stylist and shape wear expert Nicky Hambleton-Jones you can't go wrong. So make the most of these tips and tricks to exaggerate your assets or play up to their advantages (small boobs actually are easier to shop for!)

Style icons with small breasts These celebs are all small of bust but have plenty of style. Take your style cues from their red carpet and off-duty wardrobes.
Keira Knightley
The super-skinny Atonement star has never let her lack of rack stop her from donning plunging dresses for the red carpet. When she's not glammed up, her boyish frame actually looks amazing in her trademark tomboy threads - she's a devout dungaree fan and loves oversized clothing for sloppy chic.

The original supermodel became an icon with her mini-skirts, coloured tops and waifish beauty - who cares if she doesn't have huge boobs. The mini-dress was made for her!

Audrey Hepburn
If you're looking for a true style icon to idolise you can't go wrong with Audrey Hepburn. The beautiful brunette invented her own iconic look; straight pants, a simple black sweater and ballet pumps. Usually in high neck sweaters or tops, she made the most of her elegant neck and dainty shoulders.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss is a tomboy dresser at heart and is living proof you can be androgynous and sexy. We love her rock 'n' roll approach to fashion.

Cara Delevingne
Another model and another natural tomboy Cara Delevingne looks incredible whether she's sporting a metallic mini-dress or a statement T and pants. We always have CD wardrobe envy - so she's definitely a small boobed style star to add to your radar.

How to make your breasts look bigger
There are some obvious tricks to making your bust appear bigger than it is.

The push-up bra
First up is that faithful favourite - the push-up bra. Whether gel filled or padded they help to lift and enhance the bust area for instant extra volume. They often look best under blouses, tops and sweaters.

Balcony bras
A balcony bra helps to give the illusion of extra curve to the bust area and looks amazing worn with low cut tops.

What are the common style worries for women with small breasts?
Any clothing with a structured bust is difficult to navigate and often avoided, and a common misconception is that it’s easy for women with smaller busts to go underwear shopping. This isn’t the case, many styles of bra are unflattering for women with smaller busts; balcony bras are a nightmare for example.

If you have small breasts what kinds of dresses would you recommend?

Dresses with patterns or ruffles are great for creating the illusion of curve in the bust area.

What style tops and pants and skirts are best for women with small boobs?
Wear brightly coloured tops as we all know that darker colours give the illusion of a smaller frame and horizontal stripes are great for creating curves. In terms of pants and skirts avoid anything too flared as it draws attention to the bottom half of your body and makes your top half look smaller.

Are there any style shortcuts to making your chest look bigger when you have small breasts?
A padded bra is the most obvious style shortcut when looking to make your bust look bigger, but you can also wear delicate accessories such as thin, long chains to make your bust look fuller. Wear clothing that nips in at the waist, or peplum as this creates the illusion of a fuller bust and a generally more curvaceous body.

What style of shirt looks best if you have small breasts?
Plain shirts in pale colours without patterns are great for flattering a smaller bust and don’t be afraid of wearing a V-neck shirt, just don’t go too deep with it.

Can you recommend any accessories that can help the most of your figure?
As I mentioned before, delicate jewellery is perfect for flattering a smaller bust, and a wide belt that nips in the waist creates curves on the top half of your body.

Trends come and go but what style staples should every small breasted woman have in their wardrobe?
Camisoles with Breton stripes are very flattering for those of you with a smaller bust, they won’t be going out of fashion any time soon either.

What about beachwear – what style swimwear should you go for?

Bandeau and halter neck tops are very flattering for smaller busts, and again go for horizontal stripes if you want to create a little curve.

What are the style no-nos when you have small breasts? What should you avoid?
Avoid wearing anything with a very structured bust area if you can’t fill it, and avoid overly padded bras as they can give your natural bust a very strange shape.

Can you wear strapless styles if you have small breasts?

YES! Many women with a smaller bust find they don’t even have to wear a bra when wearing strapless tops. Don’t see the size of your bust as a negative thing, women come in all shapes and sizes.

Do you have any other style advice for women with small breasts?

Embrace your figure, these are just some tips for making your bust look fuller, but remember there is no problem with working with what you have naturally; you don’t have to try and make your bust look bigger.

by Ursula Dewey

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