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Dressing voluptuous figures,


 4. Hi Nicky
I hope you can give some tips. I'm an older woman (55), ideal weight for my height (which is 5'9") but it's the way it's distributed that's the challenge. My arms and legs are very long and thin, but my torso is- er- voluptuous: big boobs, big tum, but sadly, no rounded bottom to balance them, only a rather flat shape. I seldom wear skirts as my slim legs are accompanied by very big feet!

Many thanks.

Hi Jane,
May I refer you to the answer I wrote for Anna, who has a very similar predicament to you with regards the skinny legs and flat bum department? As for your big boobs, always make sure you wear plunging V-necklines and accessorize with long strings of beads to elongate the body. To disguise long arms choose tops with three-quarter length or long, fluted sleeves which are more flattering. Chunky stacked bracelets can also help to break up the look and disguise arm length. As you have large feet, I agree with you re skirts, stick to wide-leg trousers which will disguise your feet whilst adding volume on your legs.

5. Hi Nicky
With the recession in full swing, I've decided to try and buy clothes that will last me a few years. Can you point me in the right direction with regards to styles and materials to go for?


Hi Shaz,
I think this is a really good idea and it’s more environmentally friendly too than the cheaper, disposable fashion which we’ve grown accustomed to. Lucky for you fashion has become very diluted over the years with trends being pretty predictable season to season. For instance in spring/summer we always see a floral influence, a touch of safari or tribal prints, a nautical feel and bold/acid brights. In fall/winter, it's more about opulence with jewel colours, tailoring, military and a touch of sparkle which abounds. So you see, things don’t date as much as they used to.

Therefore, I would invest in pieces that you REALLY love and will continue to get enjoyment out of wearing, and not worry about fashion trends too much. I always maintain that pieces in bright, gorgeous block colours never date and always make a statement. I would also suggest investing in key pieces of tailoring like a blazer / fitted jacket that you can mix and match with jeans, trousers, skirts or dresses. Then all you need is to update your accessories each season and you’ll have a fresh new look! Nickyx

6. Hi Nicky
I wondered if you could give me some style advice please? I'm a size 8, 5ft 6, pretty slim and I don't have any real curves. I'd like to know what sort of clothes would make me look more curvy and feminine. I tend to wear a lot of trousers but I'm determined to get my legs out a bit more this year so what sort of skirts, dresses or shorts would suit me? Is there any particular length that would be best?


Hi Tina,
You have a dilemma most women would kill for. Sounds like you’ve got a fabulous figure, but I agree it’s really important to create curves as it helps balance proportion and makes you feel sexy and feminine too. So what I suggest you do is use exaggerated volume to create shape and emphasize your waist. For example, team fitted tops with full skirts (50s style), Prom dresses, tulip skirts/dresses or switch the volume around and team voluminous tops/sleeves with pencil skirts and belt to emphasize waist. French Connection, Oasis and Lipsy at Topshop have a good selection. One-shouldered dresses are also another good way of adding volume on top. As you’re slim you can pretty much get away with anything, so don’t be scared to experiment - flaunt your assets girl!

7. Hello Nicky
I am 46 years old and a size 14-16. I like to dress fairly trendily but finding trousers which fit and look good around my midriff is impossible. The choice seems to be between ridiculous low-rise styles which don't support my middle-aged spread, or high-waisted granny trousers which are cut too high up and make me look awful. Any ideas?


Hi Bridgit,
Have you tried ‘Not Your Daughters' Jeans’ - more commonly known as Tummy Tuck jeans? Visit
http://www.tummytuckjeans.uk.com to locate a store close to you. I know you mentioned trousers, but these jeans are fantastic. They’ve got a dark wash so they pass off for smart trousers. The waistband is slightly higher to prevent overhang without being frumpy and they’ve got extra stretch to hold you in and give you a firmer sexier shape. I bought a few pairs for my mum who is in her 60s and she’s a complete convert! Let me know how you get on.

8. Hi Nicky
I am just under 6ft 2", am fairly slim (size 10-12) and have size 8 feet. It's really hard to find clothes which actually fit! Jeans are particularly difficult, I need a 36" length which I have managed to get only in Seven For All Mankind and G-Star. I know I am a pretty unusual size, but please don't tell me to shop at Long Tall Sally - I want some alternatives, preferably trendy ones.

Hi Eloise,
As a starting point have you ever tried Zara for trousers or jeans? They usually come up really long and often a lifesaver when I’m styling a tall client. Other websites you could try are  http://www.tallgirls.co.uk and http://www.ladylonglegs.co.uk. With regards to jeans you could try MiH (Marrakesh and Loon for flared and wide leg styles) which come in the desired lengths and are available from www.net-a-porter.com or http://www.denimology.co.uk. For boot cut try Citizens of Humanity's Nadya, which comes in three washes and starts from £153 (020-7580 8644) or order online from Denimology.
Hope that helps.

9. Hi Nicky
I am a 23-year-old graduate in need of advice. I left uni last summer and have just returned from travelling around Asia. I am about to start a job in a marketing but the problem is I don't have a working 'wardrobe'. Most of my clothes are jeans, baggy cardis, T-shirts (which I love) and dresses which I wear with tights or over jeans and with plimsolls or flat shoes. I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing a suit and have been to shops like Next to try and find work clothes but I really don't like what I see.
Thanks for your help.

Hi Ava,
Lucky you having had the opportunity to travel around Asia for the past few months. As far as your wardrobe goes, as you’re working in marketing I really don’t think you need to wear a suit unless it’s a pre-requisite of the job. I always think dresses (which you already
have) make for easy work dressing as you only need to worry about 1 item and can always layer under a jacket or over trousers for more variety. Otherwise, invest in pencil skirt/trousers and a variety of brightly-coloured tops to mix and match against.

I would suggest you try Primark, New Look, Zara and Warehouse for some young, affordable but cool tops for work. Then invest the rest of your budget on some funky accessories from Freedom at Topshop for a fashionable twist.
If allowed, a pair of indigo wide leg jeans teamed with tailored shirt and blazer can also make a smart. youthful work look. A lot really depends on your body shape and the work environment. Why don’t you invest in a few pieces to get you through the first week at the office before rushing out to buy any more as you’ll have a better idea of the fashion vibe.

Nicky Hambleton-Jones


Nicky Hambleton-Jones
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