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Marie Saint Pierre at Reitmans this spring!
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Marie Saint Pierre and Reitmans: a marriage of values


 - Marie Saint Pierre and Reitmans: a marriage of values
Did you experience any challenges during the creation of this collection?
Not really because the project was well thought out, very concise and everything had been carefully considered. As well as that, I was surrounded by a team of professionals, which helps a lot!

How do you link up with a chain of stores like Reitmans? What can you offer them while still respecting your own values?
Our collaboration is like a marriage of values. It's a bit like travelling through time and seeing everything that characterizes Marie Saint Pierre, while addressing a much larger audience.

I was able to revisit emblematic items that I created previously. I wanted customers to have access to something that had been seen before, something with a history. I therefore tried to pass it on in the values of the large stores, and by appealing to a very large clientele.


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