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Video stars - vlogs are the new blogs!

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YouTube Vloggers - Video stars - vlogs are the new blogs!
YouTube Vloggers

It's official, video blogging is hot, happening, and rocketing into the mainstream. 

No longer content with reams of text and blurry mobile phone pictures, plain old blogs are so five minutes ago and a new, all singing, all dancing kid is on the block. 

YouTube video bloggers, or vloggers, are bright, opinionated, and multiplying by the minute. Indeed for every style crisis, make up dilemma or shopping trip there's friendly vlogger on hand to guide you through. 

With the confidence of Paxman and the charm of Parky, vloggers act as your best friend, showing you their bargains, tips and style tricks in the kind of candid, no holds barred way that only a vlogger can do. 

Don’t expect scripted, glossy productions or high tech camera action, these videos are amateurish, clunky, and utterly, butterly brilliant. Fiona Anderson investigates this new breed of lifestyle guru.


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