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How To Dress Sexy: The Style Rules To Stick With

Lareese Craig
by Lareese Craig Published on October 28, 2014

Every woman should own the right to feel sexy and sassy in what they’re wearing. That’s a fact. But a lot of us are secretly petrified of getting it oh so wrong and end up avoiding dressing sexy all together. But here’s the good news, dressing sexy doesn’t have to mean undoing another button on that satin bralet and showing the world your goods. We promise. Here’s how to dress sexy (without the risk of nip slips).

Don’t do legs and cleavage? Less is more? Always wear red? With so many rules when it comes to giving our wardrobe sex appeal it’s no wonder so many of us shy away from it.

But rules are there to be broken. Nothing is set in sartorial stone, just keep in mind that whatever makes you feel confident, comfortable, and capable of running the world is a sure-fire sign you’re gonna feel s-e-x-y, too.

Here’s the lowdown on how to get your fashion mojo down pat and stat!

Your how to dress sexy shopping list:

  • Pencil skirts – let your hips do the talking
  • Turtlenecks (yep, seriously hear us out)
  • Heels – Girls that are well heeled will always stand taller and smile harder
  • Backless
  • A go-to LBD
  • Button detail
  • Fancy flats
  • Figure sculpting body-con
  • Jewels

Pencil in

Let your hips do the talking with a Kim Kardashian fave. Her pencil wearing prowess is a force to be reckoned with (and totally ripped off). That woman knew how to dress sexy before she could even say Manolo. The pinched waist defines your shape just enough, and thanks to the more than modest length, you'll leave plenty up to the imagination.

Neck and neck

Showing off your décolletage, that's sexy. Hiding your entire chest with a turtleneck? Also surprisingly sexy. Who knew? It works both ways and it also works with that little pencil skirt idea we mentioned earlier. This is a killer look to pull together with your all black items for a nod to the sultry without being glaringly obvious.

Avoid looking like the accidental librarian by teaming it a bouncy blow out. No one wants to be asked where the fiction section is.

Walk like you have three men walking behind you

Heels can do a lot for a lady's confidence. There's something about that extra height that makes you feel ready to take on the world. And, what's better, it gives you an excuse to shop for pretty shoes just because they make you feel good about yourself. Who hasn't got time for that?

Back it up

Taking the plunge is a big task if you've got ample assets down there. But luckily it isn't the only option when it comes to getting your sexy together. Game. On.

Play it the other way and turn all the attention backwards for the classy girl's answer to dressing like a sexy mofo. Take inspiration from Nicole Scherzinger's collection for Missguided. I'm sure you don't need us to tell you it's H-O-T.


You've probably heard this a dozen times, but to quote the godfather of fashion Mr. Karl Lagerfeld, "One is never under or overdressed in a little black dress." It's intriguing without being outlandish, and classic without being boring as hell. All you need to do is get the shape right.

Nothing says sexy like wearing nightwear as outwear. So if slinky and silky is how it's going down in your wardrobe, brainstorm, then go forth and wear that negligee already.

For newbies why not opt for the more structured approach. Nobody could refuse the girlish charm of a sweetheart neckline complete with a Carrie Bradshaw tulle. Very SATC-esque.

Bust my buttons

There's a reason they say 'cute as a button' and that's because they're cute. It makes perfect sense. A button-up blouse is your perfect option for dressing smart by day and sultry by evening. All you've got to do is undo your first two-three buttons and you're a whole new woman. It's like undoing your tie when school's out.

Steal style notes from this outfit by pairing a lace bralet underneath a sheer blouse and doing up the first button only. Peek-a-boo!

Fancy flats

If it wasn't for the fact that heels sometimes kill our feet ever so slightly, and by that we mean ALL the damn time, then we'd probably spend our lives in them. But that's not practical or even possible unless we want feet covered in bunions (and that ain't sexy).

The solution? Invest in a pair of flats that not only feel good but look the part, too. Hello, Kenzo.

Sculpt & contour

You know how much contouring has taken off? Well body-con is your fashion version of Charlotte Tilbury's Filmstar Killer Cheekbones palette. Do it right and people will be asking you how you lost the weight so fast. Our. Little. Secret.

Let there be sparkle

It's all in the deets. Don't go forgetting that jewelry. Just like perfume, it has the power to make you feel instantly sexy. One delicate necklace is all that stands between you and that confidence high. Go give it some.

This article was written by Lareese Craig tweet her @LareeseCraig

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