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Celebs who rocked the world of fashion in 2008

Results of vote for best dressed star of 2008


Survey results:
Q1 - What do you think of Gwyneth's dress?
She looks fab in bright pink!
76 %
What was she thinking? It doesn't suit her at all.
23 %
Q2 - Does Posh's heel-less look get your vote?
Yes, she knows how to reinvent herself.
29 %
No, it's a loser. How do you walk in them?!
70 %
Q3 - Is Anne's understated, elegant look a winner?
Yes, it brings out her natural beauty.
65 %
No, there's something missing from her outfit.
34 %
Q4 - Is SJP's fairytale dress a dream come true?
Oh yes!! I'd love to be able to pull it off.
71 %
No, the aluminium foil look doesn't do it for me.
28 %
Q5 - Is Chloe's style a winning formula?
Yes, in terms of fashion, she always looks good.
25 %
Not really, she doesn't inspire me at all.
74 %
Q6 - What do you think of Lily's style?
Love following her changing wardrobe.
27 %
Lily Allen, a style icon? No way.
72 %
Q7 - What do you think of Katy's pin-up look?
Crazy but charming!
47 %
Cheap and trashy.
52 %
Q8 - What do you think to Kate's sophisticated look?
It's classy and suits her perfectly!
63 %
I prefer her in boho chic.
36 %
Q9 - What do you think of Agyness as a 'femme fatale'?
It's good to see she has a feminine side.
72 %
I prefer her offbeat style.
27 %
Q10 - A suitable choice of dress for Carla?
Yes, she looks fabulous in it.
64 %
No, I don't really like the conventional look of this dress on Carla.
35 %
Q11 - Your thoughts on Clémence's look?
This girl's got the right idea breaking with fashion conventions.
56 %
I'm not keen. I prefer more classic, discreet styles.
43 %
Q12 - Does Natalie's eye-catching outfit get your vote?
Yes, she looks amazing.
26 %
No, the skirt is a bit too much on her.
73 %
Q13 - Does Scarlett's romantic look get your vote?
Yes, she looks magnificent in this evening dress.
55 %
No, I don't like her in this dress at all. Is she trying to look like a ballerina?!
44 %
Q14 - What do you think to Rihanna's faux-classy look?
She looks gorgeous whatever she wears.
57 %
She looks a bit trashy.
42 %
Q15 - Are you a fan of Vanessa Paradis's unconventional look?
Yes, all credit to her for trying something new.
31 %
No, the word 'ridiculous' springs to mind.
68 %



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