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9 winter fashion basics for working women

by Marie-Sarah Published on December 16, 2015

It’s no secret that timeless pieces are a big part of a working woman’s wardrobe, but not every piece in a woman’s closet is suitable for every season. Here are nine winter basics that no working woman should go without!

A warm little black dress

Don’t lose this classic look just because it’s winter! Simply choose a black dress in a wool blend, with long sleeves. Banana Republic and Aritzia offer a great selection.

A white blouse made of thick fabric

Likewise, you can keep wearing white blouses by choosing a thick, opaque fabric. Tommy Hilfiger is the king of white blouses!

Ankle boots

We’re seeing ankle boots everywhere this year, only the cut is just above the ankle, higher on the leg than most of the boots we’ve seen in recent years. These are ideal for winter because you can wear warm socks underneath that no one will see!

Dark dress Jeans

Even if you work in an office whose dress code is casual enough to allow bleached Jeans with holes in them, sporting this look is hardly practical in the winter! At this time of year, you’re far better off wearing dark dress jeans. A good bet is a pair of Levi’s, which are very durable and never really go out of style.

A navy blue blazer

You can’t go wrong with this winter basic now that navy blue is the new black! Navy blue is just as versatile as black, adds originality to any outfit, and is now worn with black all the time by fashionistas. Look no further than Zara to find a great looking one.

A coloured or patterned scarf

A simple scarf can easily replace a necklace to spice up an outfit and is a perfect accessory in winter since it will keep your neck warm. Having a few in your drawers can save lots of time when you’re in a rush and can’t figure out what to wear for work!

A long sleeved T-shirt

To make a T-shirt work for winter, just forego the traditional short sleeves. You can find many inexpensive long-sleeved models at Joe Fresh and Gap.

A wool cardigan

This fashion basic is often forgotten but definitely has its place, especially in winter. A cardigan made of good quality wool, in a simple cut (but not so simple that it looks like a pyjama top!) is a perfect substitute for a blazer on Casual Fridays. Cos and Aritzia offer the best selection of wool cardigans, in my opinion.

Dark dress pants

You’ll want a great cut, obviously, but here again it’s the fabric that makes a difference in winter. Just be sure to have them hemmed so they’re the perfect length!

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