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6 Montreal Tattoo Artists that are Big with Women

by Marie-Sarah Published on November 16, 2015

“You’ll regret it when you’re older!”

I doubt I’m the only one in my age group who heard this warning from her parents! Like other Millennials, I’m not afraid of the day when wrinkles and saggy skin will alter the look of my tattoos, but our elders are right about one thing: you have to choose your tattoo artist carefully because there’s nothing worse than a botched job! Here, then, are six Montreal tattoo artists who can be trusted to get it right. Follow them on Instagram!


This tattoo artist uses linear and dotwork techniques and is known for designing beautiful pieces with highly detailed mandalas.


These types of tattoos aren’t for the faint of heart! Large, unique, colourful pieces are the trademark of this talented artist.


This creative tattoo artist uses black ink and boasts a portfolio that takes you to a whole other world filled with quirky characters, plants, eyes…and even plants with eyes! Intriguing pieces that make a definite statement!


The tattoos designed by this artist are also devoid of colour but stand out for their attention to detail and their focus on plants and animals.


This tattoo artist bucks the black ink trend that has dominated in recent years in favour of modern, colourful designs. The style is reminiscent of the tattoos adorning the arms of Canadian singer-songwriter, Cœur de Pirate.


The predominantly black and red tattoos designed by this tattoo artist have a “Mexican gothic art” feel, combining flowers, weapons, and dramatic, caricatured characters.

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