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© Cait Miers for June Swimwear

June Swimwear launches another genius collection

by Marie-Sarah Published on December 8, 2015

Take out your credit cards, ladies! June Swimwear’s fabulous new collection just hit the market today and should be gone very quickly given that the Quebec swimwear company has been selling like crazy since they launched a few years ago.

If you’re wondering why the brand has become an instant hit, let’s just say that the company knows a thing or two about marketing and using ambassadors to build a brand. Those images of scenic beaches and slick surfers don’t hurt either.

Of course, even a great social media campaign doesn’t always spell success. The product has to be great too, and June Swimwear delivers here too for several reasons.

Firstly, the pieces are made right here in Canada-specifically in Montreal-and if you’re a proud Canadian like me, you want to encourage Canadian entrepreneurship!

Secondly, the look is both sporty and sexy, which isn’t the case for most swimwear. The brand ambassadors are seen surfing, kite surfing and doing yoga in June Swimwear, which makes it clear that the pieces are extremely well made and sturdy.

Thirdly, virtually all of the tops and bottoms are interchangeable and many are even reversible, so you can buy three pieces and create six different looks with them. Genius!

Although June Swimwear is available at several stores in Quebec and one in Vancouver, most of these retailers only carry a few pieces, which sell like hotcakes. Although it’s obviously best to try on a swimsuit before buying it, if you’ve bought other June pieces before and know your size, I strongly suggest you buy them online before they sell out!

Happy shopping!

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