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Who Doesn't Want 100 % Canadian Jewellery!?

by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard Published on April 1, 2015

Whether for a gift or for yourself, when the time comes to buy a new piece of jewellery, why not opt for a Quebec creation? Here are 6 home-grown designers whom we love.

Fay With love

The company Fay With Love, co-founded by Fay Sckoropad, produces both bracelets and clothing. The philosophy of this Montreal-based brand includes a healthy diet, no stress, and lots of love. Each piece in the collection has particular properties, depending on the composite materials. According to Fay With Love, we must all surround ourselves with love and positive energy, which is why each piece is made with love and care!


Marie Louise

At once exotic and timeless, the creations of Marie Louise are unparalleled. The designer, Marie-Louise Beauchesne, is a great adventurer and she draws inspiration from her travels all over the world to create beautiful jewellery. The diverse influences impart charm and uniqueness to each piece. The posh materials are worked by hand, ensuring the quality and durability of each creation. We love it!


Cosmic Mystic Bloom Jewelry

Geo-Mystic Jewelry reflects the infinite beauty of the cosmos and the mystical energies that constitute it. Alma Lizarraga, a Montrealer of Mexican origin, handcrafts these original, incomparable creations! Healing crystals, minerals, and precious stones are her favourite materials. In addition to rings, bracelets, and necklaces, jewels worn on the head are also included in the collection. We bet you will be charmed by the mystic qualities of these jewels.


Miss Cocotte

The creations of Miss Cocotte are all unique and add a touch of "rock" and "edginess" to any ensemble. A couple of the elements with which designer Josée Gagnon loves to work are recycled leather straps and metal. The special interplay of textures, shapes, and colours makes the pieces authentic. They are always eye-catching. Two online shops and various outlets throughout Quebec allow you to get these 100% Quebec creations!


This Ilk

Montreal designer Tamara Bavdek discovered that lace complements metals and precious stones beautifully, much to our delight! Her pieces of jewellery are surprisingly light despite their sometimes impressive size! Inspired by vintage styles, each piece is handmade and is sold in a limited edition. The brand is now distributed across Canada, throughout the United States, and around the world.



Precious and exceptional are the best words to describe the jewellery created by the talented Maxime Proulx, the artist behind all these beautiful creations! Of minimalist and geometric inspiration, every one of these wonderful pieces is handmade. Sleek and stylish, each piece is produced in a limited series. It should be noted that despite their high quality, Maksym creations are very affordable! This makes it possible to buy more, and to wear them one atop the other!


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