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How to stay warm yet chic at the office

by Marie-Sarah Published on November 24, 2015

Let me guess. You’re already shivering at the office and winter hasn’t even started yet! Unfortunately, things can only go downhill from here but if you want to keep your immune system strong, you’ll have to stay warm somehow. Here are a few tips to help you do just that without having to wear fleece pants and sweaters!

Embrace the power of layering

An easy way to maintain your body heat is to wear thin undergarments such as pantyhose under your pants or a camisole under your top. No one will ever see them!

Keep your tootsies warm

You’re bound to freeze if your feet are cold, so why not invest in nice (wool, patterned) socks that you’ll want to show off? If your office is really cold, you can buy hot pockets at a skiing equipment store, and if you wear high heels, Keysocks are your best bet.

Drink tea

There’s nothing like a hot drink to warm up your insides! Coffee works just fine but if you’re afraid of overdosing on caffeine, herbal tea or decaffeinated tea will also do the trick. The hot cup will warm your frozen hands too!

Wear a wraparound scarf

It’s the most versatile garment of the winter! This poncho-style garment can be worn over or under a coat. Pick a nice pattern in neutral colours and you’ll be warm and gorgeous!

Be creative in your choice of clothes

Who says you can’t wear a black turtleneck under a patterned dress or a nice jacket over a warm pullover? So long as the colours and patterns don’t clash, you can definitely pull it off. If all else fails, just go monotone.

Wear leg warmers or knee socks over your pantyhose

Never underestimate the importance of keeping your legs warm! Rather than keeping your dresses and skirts at the back of your closet all winter, why not wear a pair of knee socks or those old leg warmers over your pantyhose?

Don’t forget your heating pad

Keeping a heating pad at the office comes in handy on those frigid days! Just heat it in the microwave for a few minutes and put it on your thighs. They even sell a heated seat cushion that operates under the same principle. You can check it out here.

Think you’re bold enough to use it at the office? Maybe if it gets cold enough!

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