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Nosh detox delivery

Nosh detox delivery

The delivery service known for freshly prepared, homemade, gluten and dairy-free meals has launched a juice fast, designed to boost energy levels while giving your body a healthy detox and losing weight.

The plan? Two litres (four smoothies) of fresh juices are delivered to your doorstep each and every day - the juices contains antioxidant-rich fruits, veggies and natural ingredients blended together. Typical drinks include banana, mixed berry, orange and lemon juice (to re-boot the immune system) for breakfast, cucumber, apple, pear and mint (to get the metabolism going), apple, kiwi and spinach (to re-energize in the afternoon) and papaya, mango and orange for supper.

They are chemical and preservative-free and only include additional vitamin and mineral supplements like acai, flax seed, aloe vera, and pure synergy green superfood powder. Not keen to abolish solid foods? You can also try the Nosh 6 Day ABC Plan, which combines smoothies during the day with a balanced lunch and dinner.
Yvonne Bishop Weston points out that for diets which are smoothie-based, only one juice or smoothie counts towards your five a day, and while a smoothie does contain fibre (which makes it preferable to a juice diet), the fibre is mashed up and converts to sugar more quickly. Whole fruit and veg are better options.
The Nosh Five-Day Juice Fast is £210.
“If you could bottle happiness in a, well, bottle, it would taste like one of Nosh Detox’s smoothies... the liquid version of a gourmet a la carte meal. Five days later, five pounds lighter.”
Mr. Shihab Salim, Editor-in-Chief of Asiana magazine
Expert Testimonials
Yvonne Bishop-Weston:
Try their normal Nosh menu which looks much better and has real food in it - such as porridge for breakfast and quinoa and three-bean salad for lunch, though you may need a few extra snacks to see you through a stressful day in the office.”
Lisa Wulf:
“I wouldn’t recommend any of these delivery diets or fasting programs with meal replacements (i.e. shakes) to pregnant women and people suffering from diabetes and cardiovascular problems and would always recommend for them to consult their GP to discuss a healthy approach to weight loss.”

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