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How to Keep The Weight Off

How to Keep The Weight Off

The stabilization phase aims to get you into healthy eating habits for life. A varied, balanced diet is the way to keep the weight off for good:

-Add carbs to your diet. Unlike sugars, they release energy over time, so start re-introducing wholemeal bread, pasta, rice and potatoes. Eat them with vegetables at every meal, ie pasta and tomatoes, courgettes and couscous, spinach and rice…
-Eat everything in moderation. At each meal, try to have food from each of the main groups on your plate (meat and fish, water, fat, carbohydrates, dairy products, sugar, fruit and vegetables) in the right proportions, ie with vegetables making up the biggest part of your meal, along with protein, with fat and sugar as the smallest part.
-Structure your eating. Try not to snack ! If you’re hungry, take a look at your meals and up the vegetable content. If you must, choose a fibre and protein-rich snack, like a low-fat yogourt with a piece of fruit for example.
-Compensate if you overdo it. If you eat out one night and break your diet rules, compensate the next day with a light dinner of steamed vegetables, grilled or steamed lean meat or fish and cottage cheese.


Sarah Horrocks
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