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Sexy, look, gorgeous

Sexy, look, gorgeous

Hiding yourself away in oversized jumpers is one way of concealing the extra pounds that that can creep on during fall and winter, but it's hardly flattering - and anyway, you'll only have to lose the weight again come sping. But when you've not got to fit into your bikini for another 10 months or so, and your winter wardrobe makes you feel frumpy, you can easily be tempted into saying 'yes' to a second slice of cake...

The answer? Don't relegate all your pretty spring and summer clothes to the back of your wardrobe as soon as fall sets in: wear your tight tops, plunging necklines, skinnies and short skirts (with tights, of course!). It's purely psychological, but it works: if you feel sexy you'll take pride in your body and you won't want to put on an extra ounce over the winter.


Sarah Horrocks
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