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The BRAT Diet
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The BRAT Diet

The BRAT Diet

Diahorrea as a result of IBS is not the nicest thing to be dealing with on a regular basis. In case you’re one of the unlucky ones suffering from IBS-related diarrhea, you might want to try out the BRAT Diet; an easy, healthy way to try and combat this affliction.

After Diarrhea replace lost fluids with lots of water and move on to clear broth when you feel ready for nutrients again...

The BRAT diet basically comprises of:
•    Bananas
•    Rice
•    Apple sauce
•    Toast

Not all together though! It might sound like a bizarre concoction of baby food but it's nothing short of a miracle cure.

Start back on dry toast to begin with. A day on the dry toast will give your body time to readjust to solids and it's important not to rush back onto normal food after an attack.

Then move onto banana and see how the body reacts. Sometimes even this is too much!

If banana is OK, add in Apple sauce and finally plain white rice. Give your body 2-3 days on the BRAT diet to recover from a bout of diahorrea.

According to Barbara Bradley Bolen, PhD, a clinical psychologist who has written self-help books on IBS, the BRAT recipe is a sure-shot treatment for Diarrhea. She also suggests Steamed Chicken, yogourt and Mashed potatoes to keep the problem at bay.

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