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Fasting cleanse | Detox fast diary

Detox diary


Day 3

Today was meant to be down to 1/4 of normal food intake but I've had enough of this torture - either eat or don't. I'm jumping in to the fast with both feet now - especially as it's supposed to take eight/nine days and I only have 7 before I get on the plane to Hong Kong - so not doing this on the plane, I tell thee!!

So instead of food you have five herb/apple juices and lots of water. You space your portions out to every three hours to ensure maximum amount of the stuff is in your intestine at all times.

The way it works is that the herbs create a sticky substance which draws in the nastiness lining your digestive track (the mucoid plaque).

It's like years of built up crust, similar to what happens to frying pans when you don't clean them regularly or thoroughly enough, you know, that virtually-impossible-to-remove black crust builds up. Then the "keeps you reg" pills help you to poop it out the other end cleaning you from the inside out, like a colonic but flushing from the opposite way without a hose pipe.

So I'm not hungry yet but it's the first day of the fast. I've had three apple juice and herbs solutions and a load of water so I don't feel empty or anything. Still don't think I'll find tonight much fun.

I've only "been" once too so am expecting more to come or else I'll have to up my dose of "helps keep you regular" herb pills tonight.

I currently only take one because I'm super reg anyway but some people have to take over 15! EAT SOME FIBRE!!! Anyway according to the pack, one should go three times minimum per day in order to be healthy... this seems excessive and fairly rare. I don't know many folk who drop the kids off more than once a day? Unless they have the D.A.D.S (Day After Drinking Sh**s), but that's different.


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