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Day 14


Day 14

It's a week after I officially finished the cleanse and I feel amazing.

My body looks a lot leaner, my skin's fresh and I sleep so easily. I can't discount the fact that the skin and sleep could be down to all the sunshine (I am on holiday after all) but the slimmed down thighs can only be the result of 5 days not eating.

I'm totally sure this new found svelte-ness will not last - given that I've put away a good few hearty meals that were neither vegan nor fat-free - but I can't fault it for a quick results program... terrible as that may sound.

Bowels are back to the normal: 1-2 a day and it no longer takes ten minutes to go. Although I almost miss the ritual of settling in with a newspaper or a magazine... I finally understand the boyfriends obsession with the smallest room.

It only took about two days for that side of things to return to normal. No more "mucoid plaque" just nice solid, healthy looking poo. Gillian would be proud of me.

Would I do it again? Yeah probably. I quite enjoyed the challenge and I felt exceptional afterwards. I think it's worth doing once a year but not as a quick fix, as part of a generally healthy lifestyle.

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