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Weight loss tips: diet advice on losing weight properly


- Tempted to pig out? You can: on fruit and veg. They contain loads of fibre and water but very few calories, and they fill you up fast!

- Invest in a calorie chart or counter to keep on you all the time, so you can find out in an instant which foods you can eat all you want of (i.e. foods with less than 100 kcal/100g).

- Crunch and chew your food! Avoid overcooked, squeezed or blended foods: if they contain fibre it will be much softer and will fill you up less than the fibre in whole or raw foods.

- Always have a starter. Start each meal with some crudités and a drizzle of lemon juice or low-fat dressing to fill you up before your main.

- Imagine you divide your lunch and dinner plates into 3 parts. A third should be made up of lean protein (meat, fish or eggs), a third steamed veg and a third wholegrain/wholewheat carbs. These proportions will fill you up.

- Socializing? Don't let dinner parties and meals out be the downfall of your diet! Before you set off, have two hard-boiled eggs and a big glass of water. Eggs are really filling and will stop you from wolfing down bowlfuls of nibbles when you arrive.

- Drink all day long. Trick your tummy into feeling full by drinking sweetened flavoured mineral water. Flat or fizzy flavoured water is a sweet treat but diet versions contain only 1 or 2 calories per 100ml.


Sarah Horrocks
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