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Weight loss tips: keeping fat and sugar apart

Weight loss tips: keeping fat and sugar apart

- When temptation strikes, make sure all fatty and sugary foods are either gone from your cupboards or well out of reach. Instead of snacking on biscuits and chocolate, either go for a sugar/carb-based snack like bread and jam or cereal and milk, or a fat-based snack like nuts and seeds.

- Eating out is easy: just don't ever combine carbs and fat in one meal. Go for either veg and fatty protein, or veg, carbs and lean protein.

- Easy on the sugar. Keep your high-carb, low-fat meals (starch and cereal-based meals) for those days when you either do lots of exercise or you need to be sharp mentally.

- Choose your fat carefully. Oily fish and plant oils (unsaturated fats) are healthier than dairy, butter and meat (saturated fats).

- Lower your GI (glycaemic index). You can eat any kind of carbs you want, but you'll lose more weight if you opt for slow energy release carbs like wholemeal bread, whole grains and cereals, pulses, legumes and steamed potatoes.

- Stay away from processed and refined foods. Pizza, snack food, chips, biscuits, cakes and other ready-prepared foods contain a combination of hidden fat AND sugar that will ruin all your hard work!

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