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The food combining diet: how it works and sample menu

The food combining diet: how it works and sample menu

> The basics
The food combining diet is easy to follow because it simply involves not eating fat and sugar/carbs at the same time, and cutting out foods that contain both fat and sugar/carbs (cakes, pastries, chips, crisps and the like). Physiologically speaking, the reason for this is simple: if you don't get as much variety in a meal, you get full more quickly and your blood sugar doesn't peak as much. You naturally want to eat less at mealtimes, you're less tempted to snack and your body attacks your fat reserves. Magic!

> A typical day

Hot drink
Wholemeal bread
Low-fat dairy produce (yogourt or milk)

Meat or fish of your choice (fatty/oily cuts are OK)
As much veg as you like with a little butter
Low-fat dairy produce (yogourt or low-fat dessert)

Crudités with lemon dressing
Pasta, quinoa or rice with fat-free veg
A piece of fruit


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