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Made to measure tips for weight loss

Made to measure tips for weight loss

- If you're tempted to cave in and trough cookies, snack on high-protein, very low fat or fat free foods: yogourt, cream cheese, lean ham or crabsticks. All these are naturally filling and contain little, if any, fat.

- Stay hydrated. The body produces a lot of waste when it digests protein, so you need to drink lots, regularly, to eliminate it.

- Chew gum and brush your teeth regularly. When protein is broken down by the body, it produces ketone bodies which are said to cause bad breath.

- Brighten up what can be a very boring, strict diet with herbs, spices, seasoning and other condiments: for zero calories, these all add much-needed flavour to your food.

- Make sure you get enough protein every day to fill you up and maintain muscle mass. You need a gram of protein per kilo in weight per day (so if you weigh 60 kilos, you need 60g protein a day).

- Get snack savvy. High protein diets are tough to maintain and you need to eat regular meals. on this diet. Have 2 or three snacks throughout the day, even if you don't normally eat between meals.

- Missing dessert? Satisfy your sweet tooth with sweetener. Add a little Canderel, a few drops of vanilla extract or cacao powder to yogourt or cottage cheese to make a sweet pud.

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