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Express high protein diet

Express high protein diet

> The basics
Protein is a powerful weight loss tool: your body needs it, it's a brilliant appetite suppressant and it maintains muscle mass (which is a big calorie-burner). So if you eat high-protein, but low-fat and low-carb foods (lean meat and fish, seafood, eggs and fat-free dairy produce) along with practically calorie-free veg (courgettes, green beans and salad), you'll lose weight without damaging your health. Following this slimming philosophy, you'll then need to reintroduce other food categories (fruit and carbs) back into your diet gradually to stabilize your weight.

> A typical day

2 slices of turkey or chicken breast
1 helping of fat-free yogourt or cream cheese
1 unsweetened hot drink

2 slices of turkey breast or a low-fat yogourt

Tomato salad with either a hard-boiled egg or a slice of ham and dressing
Lean grilled meat (minimum 150g) and steamed veg


Fillet of fish baked in foil (minimum 200g) and vegetable mash


Sarah Horrocks
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