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Profile: Weight Watchers Diet


Your lifestyle: You love living life to the full and enjoying yourself but when it comes to cooking, you're not really a masterchef.

Although having said that, you take your time in the kitchen to cook the dishes you really like with loving care.

Your dietary profile: You've got a really sweet tooth! For starters and main dishes, you hold back but when it's time for dessert, you lose all control. Muffins, biscuits, gateaux... they all make your mouth water.

On top of that, you're quite a sensitive soul and at the slightest sign of trouble or anxiety, you take comfort in sweet treats.

Your goal: To put an end to the repetitive diets and yo-yo effect which is harmful to your health. You want to lose weight and keep it off for good, without having to skip dessert!

The diet for you: The Weight Watchers plan is the ideal diet for you. In 2010, the brand launched a new version of its famous program by removing the reference to calories and giving priority to a balanced diet.

This is a godsend for those, like you, who are fed up of counting calories and feeling guilty after indulging in a chocolate mousse.

What does this diet involve?
Counting calories is a thing of the past! In its new ProPoints plan, Weight Watchers states that: "Not all foods are equal... ProPoints takes into account how different foods are processed by the body and the impact this can have on your weight loss."

This new version is even more adapted to women's cravings and needs. But note that it's designed to be a medium-term, genuine reflection on your eating habits, not a quick-fix, tiring diet.

Concretely, each meal is composed according to a personalized plan. The products are available in supermarkets and there are even some excellent chocolate recipes!

A typical day
> For breakfast, eat foods that will fill you up e.g. a slice of wholemeal bread is more effective than a yogourt, which won't really suppress your appetite. 
> For lunch and dinner, eat starchy foods and vegetables, and have as much of them as you want!

This diet is perfect for people who enjoy food; you can enjoy tucking into a slice of chocolate cake, provided you're careful with the rest of the things you eat, which means no chips or peanuts with that after-work drink!

This flexibility guarantees success because to lose weight,  you shouldn't starve yourself or impose harsh restrictions, otherwise you risk putting weight back on later.



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