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Detox Diaries - 7 days of hell... or not.

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 - Detox Diaries - 7 days of hell... or not.
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It’s January - the time of year when everyone attempts to sort their lives out. We promise to make change.

We decide to pay off our debts, to give up the fags and the booze, to lose stubborn lbs accumulated through untamed festive greed. For many of us January means detox.

Well not me. I hate the idea of detoxing. I eat reasonably healthily as it is.

I cook everything fresh (steak pies and chicken curries included) and I don’t drink more than the recommended amount for women during the week (the weekends are naturally exempt from the count). Surely I’m alright? I don’t need to detox, do I?

Well... in all honesty, I doubt I need to detox but I have expanded a few inches. The seams on my new(ish) pre-Christmas jeans are stretching and the scales are tipping me the wrong side of 9st (before you say anything I am just 5"2!)

I am not impressed. Currently the word lacklustre sums me up. Drab hair - check, bad skin - check, sluggish mental attitude - check, all the major signs are there. I need to do something to get me ready for 2010!

The upshot of all this self-loathing and major whinging is that I’ve decided that I AM in need of detoxing. Whether I like it or not.

Food Secret, a smashing healthy fast food take-away in London, has come up with a detox plan and I am resolved to give it a go. My favourite thing about this is that it’s delivered to your door!

The food parcel arrives everyday (as long as you live or work close enough to the Food Secret store on Broadwick St, London, W1) and you tuck in as per the instructions.

The detox was created by Kate Cook, a nutrition expert, in response to a challenge by Sergio Mottola, founder of Food Secret. Kate’s aim was to create a week long diet that unlocks the secret of a good detox diet and gives the benefits of increased health, energy and vitality.

As much as all that sounds great, the detox diet by Food Secret is also supposed to help improve mood, digestion, clear skin and aid weight loss. Plus it’s actual food - not some crazy eight day lemon, bee pollen and fennel seed only diet.

Because of the convenience and because it actually sounds achievable, I’m willing to give it a go.

Wish me luck...

My stats: Pre-detox
Height 5"2 inches
Weight 9st 3
Waist 27 inches
Hips 41 inches
Bust 33 inches
BMI 23
Dress size UK 10

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