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The Blood Type diet
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Weight loss for blood group B: omnivores


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Your blood group is fairly rare: 10% of the UK population have B blood. Like group A, stress can make you lose or gain weight.   

> Nutrition
You're lucky because, unlike most other blood groups, you tolerate lactose well, so you don't have to worry about your dairy intake. Still, don't have too much over rich cheese or you could put on weight.  

Your metabolism breaks down all foods easily: meat, fish, dairy produce, pulses, nuts, cereals and veg. However, cut down on chicken, which you don't tolerate well.

> Tips for quick weight loss
Make sure you get good sources of protein, lots of veg and a small portion of carbs at every meal. Don't mix pulses and carbs at the same meal. 

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Sarah Horrocks
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