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Low GI foods


GI has brought about a revolution in the way we look at carbohydrates.

Simple sugars and complex carbohydrates are yesterday's news; these days it's all about the glycaemic index (a number between 1 and 100 used to classify foods according to how quickly they are released into the blood as sugar).

The higher the GI, the faster sugar is released into the bloodstream - and the more likely it will be stored as fat.

The lower the GI index, the slower the sugar is broken down - and the better for your waistline. 

Make sure your diet includes low GI foods:

Examples are
  • green vegetables
  • pulses
  • wholegrain cereals
  • soya
  • berries
  • nuts
  • dark chocolate
  • eggs
  • fish
  • fructose
  • cottage cheese
  • lean meat and fish

Reduce your intake of high GI foods:

Examples are
  • biscuits
  • crisps
  • cakes
  • white bread
  • sugary breakfast cereal
  • chips
  • mash
  • fizzy drinks
  • sugar
  • white rice

The GI index varies according to how you cook and season your food. It's best to cook al dente, mix carbs with vegetables and use acidic vinegar or lemon-based dressings.


Sarah Horrocks
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