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The Change Your Brain Diet
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The Change Your Brain Diet

This diet is less about your body and more about your brain. Yes yes we know it's not your brain that needs to lose some weight, it's your body. But Dr Amen has found that if you can work out what kind of eater you are, you can work out the quickest and easiest way for you to lose weight.

He's split eaters into four types - compulsive eaters who binge at night and then get depressed, emotional indulgers who eat to make themselves feel happier, impulsive bingers who start the day eating well and then boredom makes it all go wrong and anxious gorgers who eat when they're nervous.

For each type he's found ways to retrain your brain so that you're not as tempted to reach for the choccie biscuits on a regular basis.

The diet might not be all that new, but Dr Amen's book is really interesting and could hold the answer to a slimmer you, for life!

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