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The benefits of being a vegetarian
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It’s getting easier to be a vegetarian in a meat-loving culture


 - It’s getting easier to be a vegetarian in a meat-loving culture

A vegetarian diet is a much more common lifestyle choice today and finding ways to accommodate a vegetarian diet is becoming much easier.

Due to the great lineup of meat-free products like ice cream and hamburgers being made available in most groceries stores across North America, there are hardly any foods that you cannot eat.

Barbi also points out that due to the popularity of the vegetarian diet, there is more support than ever for those who are just starting out or for those who have been lifelong vegetarians.

“There are groups on meetup.com in virtually every city too,” she says, “so it’s easier to be in a meat-centric culture because you can meet like-minded people who remind you that you are doing the right thing.”


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