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The benefits of being a vegetarian

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 - The benefits of being a vegetarian
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We have been bombarded with miracle diets and society’s next big super-food for as long as women can remember. Maybe you recall at one point in your life living on a steady diet of weight-loss shakes or perhaps your eating habits were dictated by a point system?

As with many things in life, sometimes the answers are a lot simpler. Could the answer to our weight and health issues have been right under our noses, or down the produce aisle?

Vegetarianism - a word that may conjure images of die-hard yogis getting dreamy eyed over a bowl of watery bean curd or proclaiming loudly that ‘apples are nature’s candy!’

While vegetarianism is hardly a new idea, it is frequently passed over as a plausible lifestyle choice by those who have been exposed to many misconceptions, yogis living on a steady diet of tofu being one of them.

But with vegetarianism being more mainstream than ever, it has gotten a lot easier to be a vegetarian in a world dominated by carnivores.

We spoke to Barbi Lazarus, the Donor and Volunteer Resources Coordinator with the Toronto Vegetarian Association, for some insight on the pros of a vegetarian diet.

By Christa Connell


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