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Winter vegetable recipes: stop bloating
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Broccoli facts: advice for cooking with broccoli


How to cook broccoli

Similar to the caulifower, broccoli is a bit more bitter yet sweeter as well. Broccoli has a creamy texture when cooked but when sauteed in the wok, it becomes slightly crunchy and is perfect for Asian recipes.

Nutritional facts
This is one of the vegetables with the most Vitamin C: 110mg/100g. It"s quite light as it only has 25 kcal/100g, and its fibre content (3/100g) makes it a filling and very tender vegetable. It's also very rich in potassium so it's a diuretic as well.

Preparation tips
- Cook it al dente, and cool it down in ice water to keep it nice and green (the same goes for all green vegetables).

- Sauté it quickly in a wok or frying pan to give it even more of an appetizing colour.

What does it go well with?
Dried fruit, spices (curry) and all sorts of meats including bacon and ham. In a quiche with salmon, it produces a soft texture; in the wok or frying pan, it goes well with peppers, cherry tomatoes, peas and soybeans. And blue cheese tastes wonderful with it in soup.


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