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The cheat's way to healthier meals
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Healthy nibbles, snack and apéritif food


Buffets, nibbles and the apéritif stage of a party or dinner out can be a dieter's worst nightmare: stuffing your empty stomach with calorie-loaded crisps and biscuits is not the best way to start a meal.

> The fatal mistake: Feeling all virtuous, you decline crisps, crackers and biscuits as if they were poison and stuff your face with carrot and cucumber dips. Raw veg itself is healthy, but it's harsh on your delicate intestinal flora and it often comes with mayo dips that make your 'healthy' option just as calorific as crisps.

> How to cheat: Make healthy home-made dips, and supplement your veggie dips with pieces of raw fish or grilled spicy chicken. Try healthy toast canapés garnished with a slice of radish, a sliver of salmon and a spread of low-fat cottage cheese. Avoid olive-based nibbles and fatty dips, but use artichoke hearts or peppers to make your own.

Recipes to try: anchovy paste and tomato and mushroom toasts.


Sarah Horrocks
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