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Cancer-fighting foods: eating to prevent cancer
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Results of the diet-cancer poll


Survey results:
Q1 - How big a role do you think food plays in the onset of cancer?
Very significant
70 %
20 %
Fairly significant
0 %
0 %
I don't know
10 %
Q2 - When you eat, how often do you think about eating healthily?
Every mealtime and evey dish
36 %
Quite often
45 %
Not very often
18 %
0 %
I don't know
0 %
Q3 - Do you feel sufficiently informed about diet and cancer risks?
30 %
60 %
I don't know
10 %
Q4 - Based on your experience, doctors:
Often provide information on the role of food in diseases and cancer in particular
0 %
Don't provide enough information about food's disease prevention role
90 %
I don't know
10 %
Q5 - In the face of cancer, do you think that the food industry...
Makes things worse, and is partly responsible for the increase in cancer rates
60 %
Does what it can to try and reduce the risks of cancer
0 %
Doesn't make things worse but doesn't do anything to prevent the risks either
40 %
I don't know
0 %
Q6 - Do you think that eating organic foods reduces the risk of cancer?
53 %
30 %
I don't know
15 %



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