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Peach dessert recipes

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© Rina Nurra / Candi presse - Peach dessert recipes
© Rina Nurra / Candi presse
Delicately perfumed, juicy and fragrantly delicious, the lovely peach is without doubt one of our favourite summer fruits.  
In a tart, pudding or baked in the oven, the peach lends itself to the richest culinary fantasies, so take your pick from our selection!
Find out more about this much-loved fuzzy fruit, then take a look at our selection of enticing dessert recipes:

> Yellow peach cup
> Amaretto peach tart
> Peaches roasted in salt butter
> Spiced peach and nectarine compote
> Caramelized peach cake
> Nectarine sabayon

Photo: Rina Nurra / Candi Presse




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