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Men or Chocolate, Women have a one track mind,Kellogg’s Fibre Plus,Angela Griffin,Elise Thomassin,chocolate

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We think about it all the time, turn to it after a bad day, sometimes we crave it and would even choose it over other pleasures in life – yes that’s right we’re talking chocolate.

New research by Kellogg’s Fiber Plus shows just over 2 million women eat chocolate more than 3 times a day and a quarter of British ladies would rather give up a gossip or glass of wine than turn their backs on chocolate. A further fifth would even say goodbye to sex for a satisfying bite!

So what makes it such a good friend? It seems a bad day at work is the main reason us women look to chocolate for comfort, but despite this great love, we also feel terribly guilty when we indulge in a bar.

70% of women said they felt the wrong kind of pangs eating chocolate, with health, weight and dirty looks from their partner the top reasons for guilt.

This long lasting love/ hate relationship with chocolate seems to be born out of the fact that eating the sweet stuff doesn’t give any benefit other than pleasure, but after all this time perhaps there is, at last, another option - check out Kellogg's Fiber Plus website!

In this feature Angela speaks to chocolate expert Elise Thomassin and a selection of women to uncover more about this powerful relationship.


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