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Holiday Treats: Make your own granola


 - Holiday Treats: Make your own granola

When native Albertans Jessie James Weber and Marigold Santos arrived in Montreal in 2008, they had a distinct craving - for jerky.

"Because we were so used to having jerky at every turn in Alberta, we really missed it," Santos explained.

So what were two self-proclaimed "insane snackers" to do?

"Two summers ago we purchased a humble dehydrator and started experimenting with dehydrating our own meats. Our Candied Bacon Jerky was born from many different trials and errors, constantly re-working our recipes to get the flavours and techniques just right," Santos recalled. And so JJ Comestibles Parched Goods was born.

Santos and Weber run the two-person company, making "dehydrated eatables" to order, and specializing in their handmade Candied Bacon Jerky and Classic Beef Jerky.

"Because jerky travels and keeps well, it's now easy for us to have a chewy and savory snack anytime we want - we always have some in our bags to pull out when we have a protein craving!" Santos said.

And now, you can too! The pair sell their wares to order via their website, but also make an appearance at artisanal fairs around Montreal. This holiday season, you can catch them at Smart Design Mart (Dec 7-9) and Holiday Puces Pop (Dec 14-16). If the prospect of jerky isn't enough to lure you, think about this: they bake cookies fresh before each appearance.

Jerky may be their specialty, but the duo's cravings aren't limited to meaty goodness. Their newest invention, the "Bad Habits Cookie" is loaded with chocolate and topped with a slice of Candy Bacon Jerky. It's enough to make you shiver. Combine that with their homemade granola flavours - Caramelized Ginger Pear and Cinnamon Almond Apple - and you've got the perfect treats for a Christmas morning gathering.

And if in the name of the Christmas spirit, you decide you want to shower your guests with some DIY goodness, Santos and Weber have kindly shared their limited edition holiday granola recipe - a holly jolly Christmas guaranteed!


Anne Cohen
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