Non-surgical facelift: What are the options

Non-surgical facelift: What are the options
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Non-surgical facelift: What are the options

Non-surgical facelift: What are the options

When it comes to aging we think gracefully is the best way to go - but sometimes we all want a little help in looking our best. 

Non-invasive anti-aging treatments are growing in popularity, and while they're not for everyone, if you are interested in knowing the options, then you're in the right place. 

Luckily, looking like a fresher version of you doesn't mean going under the knife anymore - which can be a risky business. There are a lot of very effective anti-aging non-surgical facelift alternatives that can give impressive results. 

You can see why the trend for non-surgical facelift alternatives is ever growing. When it comes to cosmetic treatments often we just want to recapture a natural-looking radiance rather than look as though our skin has been stretched and snipped. Plus the thought of having an operation for cosmetic reasons really is a last resort.

Non-surgical alternatives can be incredibly effective at staving off the aging process - and have the benefit of being less invasive, with less downtime. 

So to find out which non-surgical facelift alternatives are expertly recommended we spoke to leading US-based cosmetic consultant Wendy Lewis, aesthetician Dr. Robin O'Reilly and cosmetic doctor Dr. Rita Rakus to discover more.

From the liquid facelift to radiofrequency treatments that shave years off your age, here are the expert approved alternatives for a non-surgical facelift...

As with all cosmetic treatments always get a few opinions first - and make sure you go with someone who is fully qualified and registered with the appropriate bodies.

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