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If your face is hollow, marked by the signs of aging, and attracting more shadow than light, lipostructure is a made-to-measure way of rolling back the years using your own fat to fill out your hollows.

Instead of using filler products to restructure your face, lipostructure uses your own body fat (which must be harvested first). Only very small quantities are required for your face.

The advantage:
It uses your body's own fat and nothing else, so it can't be rejected. The obvious disadvantage is that the fat has to be harvested under local anaesthetic (for example, 200ml removed from the knee). The fat is then put in a centrifugeur to remove oil, small amounts of blood and the filter product. Pure, clean fat cells are then ready to be injected into your face. 
Fatty cells have a thick texture, which makes them ideal for filling out your cheeks and filling in creases. It's a very quick procedure, but can leave you puffy and swollen for a week to ten days. It also needs touching up for a perfect result, because 30% of the fat injected will be absorbed. 

For: Women with hollow, lined cheeks.
The result: Long-lasting results after three months.
The cost: Around £500 a session (follow-ups are usually required).


Sarah Horrocks
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